We purchased Biggie from Cindie in February 2013. We wanted a frenchie for quite some time but could not find a suitable breeder in Alberta where we reside. We came across Cindie’s ad and fell in love with Biggie immediately. Initially, we were quite skeptical as we heard many stories about scams over the internet. To put our minds at ease, Cindie provided us with certifications as well as pictures and videos of Biggie. She also sent us a picture with my name on a sign in the background to prove his existence! It was evident that Cindie really cared for her puppies as Biggie was flown to us in a spacious crate, equipped with water and instructions on how we could help Biggie adjust to his new home. He opened up almost immediately after bringing him home from the airport. Since then, Biggie has been the center of attention no matter where he goes. He has a great temperament and is extremely friendly. Furthermore, he listens quite well and is very intelligent. I would highly recommend Cindie to anyone looking for quality French Bulldogs.                    

Greg Gibeau

Edmonton,Alberta Canada

Louie D.O.B January 2013

If you are visiting this website, you are most likely interested in both a French Bulldog and Double Barrel Kennels – let me assure you as a previous buyer, both are a great choice! From the first day I made contact with Cindie, regarding the purchase of our puppy Louie, I was extremely impressed! Being a teacher I am a huge organization and control freak! Cindie put me at ease right from the start, regarding every single thing until Louie arrived. My boyfriend and I live in Sherwood Park, Alberta, and I was nervous about Louie flying to us all the way from Montreal, Quebec. Cindie took care of 

all the travel arrangements, pet insurance, Canadian Kennel Club registration, puppy contract and complete puppy kit, for when he arrived (puppy kit included a great hand out of information, travel kennel, toys, blanket and of course Puppy!). To be honest, I was worried about purchasing Louie online, without meeting him first, but when he finally arrived, he was exactly how Cindie had
described him in her emails – she really knows her dogs! Since the day we picked Louie up off his WestJet flight, he has added immense joy, love and laughter to our lives. He is such a calm and loving dog. All he literally wants, is to be with us, eat, snuggle, sleep, play with his toys and lay in the sun. He is truly hilarious with his spontaneous gas and fits of playful running. Everyone who he
meets always wants to pet him and ask questions.Thank-you Cindie for giving us such a wonderful

Millie D.O.B 2011

Hi Cindy!!! I apologize it has taken so long for me to reply! We have been so busy, the last month has been crazy with the wedding and work!!! But I wanted to let you know that we absolutely love our Millie!!! Ian and I always tell each other that we couldn't imagine our lives without her. She is so funny, full of spunk at times, running around in the house with her toys. She loves to play outside, fetching her ball, digging holes and eating dandelions (which i am constantly digging out of her mouth). She sleeps with us every night and is constantly giving us lots of kisses and cuddles. She eats absolutely anything!!! Everyone that meets her absolutely loves her!! We do trips to petsmart at least once a week, she loves to meet other people and doggies. She is growing so fast, last time we were at the vet she weighed 13 pounds. Her health is good and she has nice, pretty teeth. I will keep you posted and send you pics often. Just know we absolutely love her!!! She is our baby!!take care,

Nicole and Ian Bradley

Chatham,Ontario Canada

Maurice D.O.B Sept 2011

Hi Cindie,Maurice is doing amazing and we absolutely love having him. He is the calmest puppy dog and so friendly, everyone he meets loves him. My boyfriend and I recently went on vacation and left him with good friends of our who of course fell in love with him. They were looking to get a dog and after having Maurice for a week decided a French bulldog is for them. I was wondering if you had any litters coming up in the spring, perhaps one with one of the parents from the litter we got Maurice from (I know you said Maurice's dad looked and acted a lot like him). Anyways let me know, I had such a great experience with you and Maurice I know they would love getting a pup from a reputable place.



​Winston (fawn pied) Sept 2011

After over a year of searching for a french bulldog, we came across an ad on kijiji and came in contact with Cin. She was and is extremely helpful and knowledgeable when it came to bullies. This was extremely important to us as we wanted to deal with a good breeder that made us feel comfortable. She even offered to bring our frenchie home to us!! When we first met Winston, we couldn’t believe how good looking he was. The pictures didn’t do him any justice!! Cin breeds stunning bullies!!. During our playtime, we constantly get stopped because people want to play with him and kiss him – yes he is that much of a show stopper!!!!! Funny enough, Winston LOVES all the attention he gets from people. He is a great little boy that is extremely loving, he always gives out kisses and loves to receive them as well.We love him to pieces as Winston truly is our precious little furry best friend!!! We could not imagine life without him!!!!Thank you Cin!!



Doublebarrel's Lexi (black brindal)D.O.BJune 2010


Wednesday (now Lexi) is the dog we could only wish for - she is healthy, intelligent, social with everyone and all-around loveable!! We couldn't ask for a more wonderful addition to our family. She has made our house a home. Thank you to Cindie and of course her parents, Chimmy and Yoda. You breed beautiful Frenchies!

Stephanie and Lloyd

Toronto,Ontario (Canada) 

Doublebarrel's Stella(Black brindal) D.O.B June 2010



We purchased Stella from Cindie on our honeymoon in September, 2010.Stella has been the perfect addition to our family. At 5 month sold she is a perfectly shehe is a perfectly healthy and beautiful looking French Bulldog. Her coat is thick and she has wonderful muscular definition. Living in Toronto, she gets a lot of attention as everyone she see's cannot resist petting her. She has taken well to house training in our condo,plays nicely with toys and NOT furniture, and walks incrediblypolitely on leash. Cindie was very informative via email and phonebefore the purchase, and provided us with lots of information upon pick up of Stella.My wife and I would highly recomend Cindie to any prospective french bulldog owners.

Jared & Winnie Baker

Toronto,Ont (Canada)

Kloe (fawn)D.O.B May 2011

We picked up Kloe from Cindie on labour day weekend and from the moment she entered our lives she has been a joy to us all.Kloe is so affectionate and has the most wonderful endearing personality which makes her impossible not to love to pieces. She has adjusted very well to our home, is extremely smart and walks like a dream on her leash. We can't imagine life without her, we take her everywhere we go and she is so polite and well mannered with everyone she meets whether it is a person or another dog. We look forward to many years of enjoyment and love our little girl will bring us and we would like to "thank Cindie" very much for all her support, information and guidance. We have and will continue to highly recommend Cindie and Doublebarrel Kennels to anyone who wants to add a Frenchie to their family!

Gary, Pam, Kara and Courtney Smith

Bentley (fawn) D.O.B May 2011


Hi Cin,Sorry for the delayed response.Bentley is doing very well, he has settled in well and loves the two other dogs.We all went to the beach yesterday and the pups had a blast.He is a hit at all the pet stores and the vet loves him.Thanks again.

Terry And Kathy

West Porters Lake, Nova Scotia 

Doublebarrel's Gulliver (Black Brindal)D.O.B June 2010 


I adopted Gulliver from Cin in August 2010. He was a dream puppy! He slept through the night from day one, with no problems getting used to his crate. He was already well socialized with other dogs and children, and to this day gets all googly eyed when he sees kids. If permitted, he loves to have a good snuggle with them and lick their earlobes! Cin was very helpful in giving me advice on which puppy's personality would suit my lifestyle with my other dog and two cats. He settled in with no problems and is such a sweetie pie! Thank you Cin and Doublebarrel kennels!!!


Doublebarrels Peaches-N-Creme (Fawn with black mask)D.O.B June2010


We purchased Ruby the first week of August. Im sitting here not knowing what to write because we have soo many positive things to say about her. Ruby was the best thing we could of ever purchased.Her heart is always filled with love and warmth. She loves car rides so we bring her everywhere we go, she's always the center of attention and people dont seem to get enough of her. She loves everyone and everything! Ruby has many friends and gets along with every type of dog, wether it's a"Great Dane" or "Minature Chiwawa" .I suggest this type of dog to anyone who is ready to love and laugh!RUBY IS THE BEST AND WE LOVE HER TO BITS!

Potyka Famiy


Astro (Black and White)

Thank you Cindy for selling us Astro. He is the most delightful dog we ever had. He has a beautiful personality. He is so friendly to everybody. He loves attention. We have had many dogs over the years for hunting but Astro is the best. Thank you again for Astro.

St John's, Newfoundland

Doublebarrel's Louie D.O.B January 17,2005

As you may remember we acquired one your GSP pups six years ago. He grew up to look amazingly like his sire. You shipped him to us in Washington, DC. You were right when you said he was a lively dog. He is a treasure and I wanted you to know he was doing well. We live right next to large heavily wooded area called Rock Creek Park and where Louie swims and points at (every) pigeon in the city. Thank you for sending us a wonderful companion. I have enclosed some pictures you might enjoy.

Sincerely,Bill PLANTA


Doublebarrel's Coco D.O.B: October 23, 2008


What can I say about Coco? Our family is crazy about her!She is simplythe sweetest, nicest and smartest dog we have ever had. I've never had adog that was so well-socialized. Although she does not go hunting often,it's impressive how she goes into work-mode when she does go hunting! She
is a happy little extrovert.I highly recommend Doublebarrel to anyone wanting a dog. They are veryaccomodating and they raise very well-balanced dogs!Thanks Cindie!
Joe and Ann Sullivan


Doublebarrel's Keda D.O.B March 2002

Doublebarrel's Spirt D.O.B 2007


I have purchased three GSP's from Cindee. One went to my grandchildren and is a house pet, the other two are narcotics detector dogs, ages eight and four. I have encountered no heath or temperament issues with any one of the dogs.I would not source a working dog from any other source. My dogs came to me extremely well socialized which is critical when working in schools and industrial environments. The dogs are hard workers, easy to train and bond with. I keep my working dogs in the house and find the pups to already be used to a household environment.As for health of the dogs, I have a vet specialty clinic do a full annual physical and screening in addition to regular trips to our regular vet. No problems noted over the years. Amazingly, these dogs come hard wired for hunting (which is probably why they are such good narcotics dogs). In addition to a full schedule of drug detection, my dogs average over 21 days a year of hard upland hunting which includes pheasant, chucker, quail and grouse. This line of GSP's are natural hunters and have on their own, worked out how to deal with each of these varied hunting situations.I have bought dogs from other breeders until I found Cindie. She has a magic touch in being able to deliver just the right dog for the job. I can verbalize the qualities I am looking for and she hits it perfectly and in an 8 week old pup. Amazing.In all my years, this is the only breeder that I totally trust. You can take what these people tell you to the bank.National Drug Search LLC

Joe C Glover, President
Greensboro, NC 

Doublebarrel's Our Lady Liberty D.O.B April10,2003


Our female GSP, Freedom has been a wonderful dog for us all around. She is a loving and affectionate dog and although she is all business while hunting, she is a very calm and relaxed house dog. She's a great size, she is about 47 lbs and has a great conformation and muscular build. She is a big running bird dog and can sit for hours in a blind to hunt waterfowl, which retrieving is her most favorite thing to do. During the off season she is obsessed with playing ball. She has earned a NAVHDA NA Prize 1 and a UT Prize 2. She has run in and placed in quite a few bird dog competitions. She has whelped a litter of 9 wonderful puppies who are now 2 1/2 years old and have turned out to be awesome hunters as well. We couldn't be more happier with Freedom and would recommend a puppy from Doublebarrel Kennel.

Bob and Michelle Bartholomew

Denver PA(U.S.A)

Doblebarrel's Ruby D.O.B April 24,2005

I have thought of a "quick" testimonial to the greatness of my dog Ruby, but no matter how I cannot conform to "quick".We got Ruby as a pup from Doublebarrell kennels, it was a family decision since my wife wanted a solid colored dog. My sons decided on the hunting breed and I picked the breeder because they had a few solid colored dogs. Some black, some liver.I did not know Cindy nor the kennels, nor in fact the dogs that they bred. But I was surprised when Cindy asked me about my family, my boys, their ages etc. Then she sent me an email telling me that my girl was going to be a prefect match. And that she was.Ruby grew up in our house playing the sports that the kids played. Baseball? she was the best outfielder. The problem was that she would run around with the ball expecting the whole team of little leaguers to chase her. Basketball? The played with my ten and 8 year old like she was in charge (she fouled a bit but, well she did not have hands).My pleasure came when we went hunting. Training was easy but on the hunt she is a machine, doing everything that you would want from any dog.My wife, who resisted having a dog, was quickly getting used to hugs on the couch while watching TV, and there is no way that anyone can criticize her girl.
Overall I must admit Ruby is more than I ever expected from a dog. 
Thank you Cindy and Doublebarrel Kennels,

Chris Dallas Chicago,Illionis (u.s.a)

Doublebarrel's Lacy D.O.B May 3, 2006

trust-worthy seller My experience with Cindy and doublebarrel kennels has been a very good one. We recently bought a GSP pup from her, and she was very patient with us, she sent additional pics and answered all of our questions on the phone and email. Getting the puppy went flawless, and was positive experience. I feel like Cindy went above and beyond to ensure that.The puppy is even better than i imagined, not timid or shy. I am very pleased and would recommend Cindy and Doublebarrel kennels to anyone and everyone!!

Sarah Moretti

Caramel,New york (U.S.A)

Doublebarrels Schona D.O.B May 3,2006

Great People to DEAL with, had a great experience with Doublebarrel and if ever need another pup would call them. Thanks

Tom Longo Chicago,IL (U.S.A)

Doublebarrels Rambling Rogue D.O.B October 23, 2008


We think that Rogue is the very best. He is super smart and learns things fast. He has even learned how to use the power window button on the suv so I have to keep the window lock on. He is very birdy and seem to have incredible endurance. When I take him training, water retrieves with my friend, who has a Lab ,who is field bred. He just shakes his head and says, I didn't know that pointers retrieved from water so well. Rogue often fetches both his bumper and the lab's as well. He is a powerful fast swimmer. I may have my friend converted soon.Lol Most of all he is a real love bug who loves to cuddle. I have never seen him overly aggressive towards another dog, even other males who are not fixed. He just seems to take over, whether they come here or we go visiting. He has that self assured attitude. Even non dog people like him and think he is a real handsome boy. I probably could of sold him dozens of times, but I think my wife would disown me if the thought ever came to my head. I have never seen her love a dog as much as she loves him. She isn't fussy about me taking him hunting because she is afraid something might happen to him .Our Vet, who is also a friend, thinks and we also believe, that the first eight to ten weeks develop a pups personality.So our testimonial is.If you are looking for a dog who is sound in mind and body, who will be your best friend, and hunting companion. Try a Doublebarrel dog, because they are raised right.
Shawn & Mary Langley

Bridgewater,Nova Scotia

Doublebarrels Belle von der High Caliber JH (Liver)D.O.B April16,2008

I wanted to write and tell you thank you for such a wonderful dog, my out of your of Igor von der Madlage X Fortuna vom Guestmoor breeding. She has turned out to be an excellent dog both in the field and the home, She has a sweetheart's personality, the only thing she loves more than lying her head in my lap for a rub is hunting. She does have that incredible on off switch, when in the field she has an incredibly strong prey drive but at home she turns it off and is a great house dog in the home. She passed 4 consecutive legs out of 4 hunt tests ran, easily earning her Junior Hunter title at 11 months old. She has a harmous gait in the field, runs a field almost like a showdog in the show arena, just a joy to own and watch run . She has very staunch point and excellent nose her tracking skills are unbelieveable I have never seen a GSP or any dog for that matter track like she does. I own several GSP's they all love the water but none of them came with the natural love of the water Belle did .She will be a major contributor to the foundation of my own line of GSPs in the future. Dealing with you and your husband during and after the sale was a pleasure Thank you,

Dennis Bailey

New Jersey,USA

Doublebarrel's Apollo ( Roan)D.O.B November 13, 2009


Apollo is in great shape and in his 11th month now. Very clever, energetic, playful, extremely family friendly and a very good hunting companion.Apollo retrieves from water without failing me ONCE since the age of 6 months.His pointing qualities are outstanding. Tracking is something we have not really worked on yet.Overall: The best dog-companion I have ever had and we - as a family - are most grateful to have him.Apollo is a pleaureThank you,



Doublebarrel's Clancy (Liver) D.O.B 2009-05-20

Clancy is a pet. He loves to chase his ball and will chase his ball as long as he can find a human to throw it for him. He likes to spend his days by going for long walks in the park and the woods whenever possible. He shows his pedigree by pointing to as many squirrels as possible. Once at home, Clancy likes nothing more than to cuddle and then get under his blanket.I would highly recommend DoubleBarrel Kennels to anyone considering a gsp as a pet.


Hi Cin,
Sorry for the delayed response.Bentley is doing very well, he has settled in well and loves the two other dogs.We all went to the beach yesterday and the pups had a blast.He is a hit at all the pet stores and the vet loves him.Thanks again.

Terry And Kathy West Porters Lake, Nova Scotia(Pup shipped via air canada) 

Biggie D.O.B January 2013

Doublebarrel kenn​els