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We are happy to announce Annette Woods and I have produced the very first chocolate and tan french bulldog in the world with my stud Sherman on
Dec 25,2013!

We are a small, in house breeder of French Bulldogs all of our dogs are 'house dogs'- we do NOT have a kennel, or keep our dogs outside.
 We bred German Shorthairs from 1999-2011 and we now only focus on are breeding of French bulldogs which we started in 2004.
Our home is located in the lanaudiere region of Quebec just 45 minutes north of Montreal on 2 acres of land in the country.We have been registered with the Canadian kennel club since 1999 and are in good standing with them, reputation is everything to us.Our goal is to produce healthy, sound Frenchies that make wonderful family companions.Are frenchies are everything of what a French Bulldog should be. Are frenchies are nice and compact and muscular, with small to medium builds and have lots of wrinkles they come in all the standard colors and the rare and unique colors blue,chocolate,sable blue and tan ,black and tan and in the future chocolate and tan.Are Frenchies are playful, affectionate, and exceptionally good natured.Are frenchies are highly trainable and intelligent, and are happiest when their with the human family. They are excellent with children and other pets. They desire allot of attention from their loved ones and that's exactly what they get here.All of our frenchies and puppies are raised indoors,literally under my foot.They are all well socialized with adults, children and other dogs and extremely spoiled.We are here for support anytime for any questions or concerns you have with your frenchie whether he or she has been purchased through us or just to talk.
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